Welcome to the Serenity Mural. The mural faces the park's abyss on the side of Park Street bridge, which crosses Willowbranch creek. (As a point of reference, the Community Garden is just across Park Street from the mural). The 45 names featured on this mural represent local Riverside/Avondale residents lost to AIDS-related illnesses over the years. Design by Keith Doles and Zac Freeman of CoRK Arts District.

The "Serenity" mural is one of a series of projects within Willowbranch Park, championed by the AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida in an effort to help beautify this historic patch of greenery in an urban setting, and to establish a permanent memorial to over 5,000 citizens of Northeast Florida who lost their lives to this disease.

Lead Artist: Keith Doles
Dedication:Ā Saturday, October 3, 2020