AMP remained true to its original mission and broadened its focus to include adopting and beautifying Willowbranch Park – the location of the AIDS memorial monument. To establish our name and public support, we have begun tree-planting and replacing dying and dead canopy throughout Willowbranch Park, along with litter control and public art projects.

Willowbranch Park was selected as the home for the memorial because of its historical connection to the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Willowbranch Park was the location of the first Pride event in 1978. Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood experienced the most sizable number of recorded deaths from the AIDS epidemic in the early years.

AMP is project-based with clear goals. The projects will vary in length and align with our mission. AMP hopes to add future projects and modify existing areas in the park as it grows and receives public input and support while remaining true to its mission.