Heaven Gets Another Earth Angel



The Board of Directors of the AIDS Memorial Project express their deep condolences to the family and many close friends of Judy Higgison, Avondale resident and long-time HIV/AIDS activist. 

Among her many community involvements, she co-facilitated “Positive Attitudes,” an HIV/AIDS support group for individuals who tested positive for HIV and experiencing AIDS-related illnesses. She is remembered as incredibly kind and supportive, persistent and tireless in her 35-year commitment to advocating for these men, women, and children.

At a time when society was overtly condemning an HIV diagnosis, and politicians and religious leaders were calling for unconstitutional measures of prosecution and containment of these marginalized individuals, allies were few and far between.

In the Jacksonville area, several prominent women stepped to the forefront to help in this battle, alongside the LGBTQIA2S community, for improved care and understanding of those affected, as well as the education of the larger community related to HIV.

Mrs. Higgison was that kind person. She demonstrated valuable and unwavering support to the families of those lost to AIDS-related diseases. Those difficult times were made more gentle and manageable by this humble Earth Angel. Jacksonville has lost a great lady.

Rest in Peace, Judy. You deserve it.