Board of Directors

Richard A. CerielloPresident

Richard is the founder of the AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida. As a long-time civil rights and liberties activist since his teen years, he has witnessed the growth of the LGBTQ equal rights movement, the emergence of HIV/AIDS, and the absolute devastation it has created. By forming AMP, Richard has made it his mission to memorialize and honor the lives lost to AIDS-related illnesses, including dozens of his close friends.

Richard began his 40-year career in 1976 as a speech and language pathologist at The Speech and Hearing Center of Jacksonville. In 1990 he accepted a position with the Clay County, Florida School District, where he worked with students until retiring in 2016.

Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in speech and language pathology from Mercy College and a master’s degree from Long Island University. In addition, he completed a clinical internship at North Shore University Hospital, associated with Cornel University.

An avid art collector, he amassed a respectable collection over the years and is an advocate for historic preservation. Richard restored two historic homes and is currently the owner and proprietor of the historic 1910 General Store Bed & Breakfast in Jacksonville.

Daniel HuttonVice-President

Dan is passionate about serving on the board for AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida. He feels connected to the many people in Northeast Florida and surrounding areas whose lives were cut short by HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. He believes in the AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida’s mission, particularly the organization’s efforts to install a lasting memorial in Willowbranch Park—ensuring that those lives are never forgotten and will always be honored.

Dan is no stranger to HIV/AIDS awareness and activism as a long-time participant in The Smart Ride. The yearly event, which includes a 167-mile bike ride through the Florida Keys, has raised more than $11 million for AIDS-related service organizations throughout Florida since 2003.

Dan works in medical billing. In his spare time, he also volunteers for the North Florida AIDS Network and is an active member of the Garden Club of Jacksonville.

Mary Joan HinsonBoard Member

Mary Joan is honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the AIDS Memorial Project. She appreciates humanity. In art, recognition of the existing human body is symbolic. In the AIDS/HIV movement, stigmatized attitudes toward people living with HIV are the framework in which artists like Mary Joan help others overcome restrictions on education. Free of clutter. Her work reflects a world that exists deep in cognitive awareness. She does well by raising awareness through artistic expression, helping eliminate stigma.

Mary Joan is a Fine Arts and Humanities professor at Florida State College in Jacksonville. She has her Ph.D. in fine arts. We are fortunate to have Mary Joan’s insightfulness, creative thinking, and artistic talent.

Thomas A. MoodyBoard Member

Tommy, a Program Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Psychology from Excelsior University, has held board positions with other non-profit organizations, continuing to look for ways to elevate his community contributions.

In his career, Tommy held various leadership roles that afforded him opportunities to volunteer and advocate for strengthening education, raising awareness related to HIV/AIDS, and supporting our LGBTQIA+ community. His dedication never falters in giving back as he works to promote and validate equity and equality.

His hobbies include kickball, antiquing, collecting, quality friends/family time, volunteering, and always leaving places better than he found them.

Tommy has volunteered with the AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida for many years and ignited a passion to step up and be the voice for those who can no longer speak for themselves. When asked to join the Board of Directors, Tommy accepted the opportunity to collaborate with a talented, committed organization and help build an infrastructure honoring those we have lost to the AIDS epidemic and those living with the virus. He believes a rich, captivating legacy of knowledge and experience deserves capturing, celebrating, and perpetuating future generations.

Advisory Board

Manuel Andrade, Wade Davis, James Eddy, Jeffrey Fix, Sunny Gettinger, Stephen Jones, Jonathan Joseph, Robert Knox, Mason Manion, Mitchell Marcus, Frieda Saraga, Julia Torres-Carmichael

Legal Counsel

Aaron Irving, Esq.

Founding Advisory Board Members

  • Robert Cauldwell
  • Douglas Dagehardt
  • Jeffrey Duncan
  • Stephen Jones: Stephen is the founding Board member of AMP. He currently works at NFAN as the Director of Development. Stephen is a longtime resident of historic Springfield.

Advisory Board Members

Our Advisory Board members work collaboratively, support AMP’s mission and goals, and serve as experts in guiding and advising the board leadership in strategic matters tailored to our community.

Wade Davis

Performing HIV Outreach since 1993, Wade is an expert in AIDS/HIV-related illnesses. They are one of Jacksonville’s Charity fundraisers for Duval and surrounding areas. Wade works tirelessly to ensure that the lives taken by AIDS/HIV-related illnesses are not forgotten but remembered. They advocate for PrEP and encourage newly diagnosed individuals to take their medications properly so they do not spread the virus. The latest drugs suppress the virus to the extent that levels are undetectable in the blood. Undetectable Equals Un-transmissible. Wade supports the massive campaign to get the word out and spread this medical news to help save lives. They host various events and parties throughout the city and via every media station in the North Florida region, using their powerful voice to educate, inform, inspire, and encourage the public to get involved. Wade is the recipient of the Jax Cares HIV Award, among many other awards. illnesses but who currently live with AIDS/HIV.

James Eddy

James has been active in the Jacksonville community for over 20 years. He has served in various capacities. James was a former President of Holiday Helpers, a charity organization for children infected or affected by AIDS/HIV-related illnesses. He also served in the role of Elf for over ten years. James served in former positions as President and Co-Founder of Rainbow House, an LBGT Community Center, River City Pride Board, and on the Board of Jacksonville Coalition for Equality and Committees for JCCI Jax 2023.

James is currently a Duval County Democratic Party member and has served four years as Chair of District 7 and as Precinct Man for 701 since 2016.

He is passionate and committed to addressing the needs of the LGBTQIA2S+ and the AIDS/HIV community. James is grateful to the Political, AIDS/HIV, and Art community, whose mission is to honor those who passed away from AIDS-related illnesses but who currently live with AIDS/HIV.

Jeff Fix

Jeff brings event planning and service experience to the Board of Advisors. He is a founding member of AMP and served as Board of Directors Vice President from 2019-2021. In 2021, Jeff turned his attention to serving as the Steering Committee Chair for Equality Florida Greater Jacksonville for a third year (2019, 2020, 2022). He works in NEFL to help ensure rights for LGBTQIA2S people and vulnerable and marginalized groups. Jeff is that guy who is committed to addressing barriers of stigma, discrimination, and social and gender that include changes in policy reform.

Jonathan Joseph

Jonathan is the Program Director for Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) for the Alabama Department of Health. He does HIV testing, counseling, and advocacy.

Jonathan is passionate about addressing and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. He has seen how HIV disproportionately takes the lives of Black gay men. Jonathan represents the population who experience marginalization.

Jonathan is an early member of AMP. He believes in the work and the AIDS Memorial.

He was born and raised on the beautiful St. Lucia Island in the Caribbean. In his words. ” I have a beautiful adult daughter.” He graduated from Flagler College, earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Jonathan began his career as a teacher in his homeland. He worked for JEA in Jacksonville for 19 years.

Julia Torres-Carmichael

Julia lived in NYC in the 80s during the AIDS crisis. Individuals, primarily men, were dying of AIDS-related illnesses and were treated as outcasts without any respect, love, or support. With this memorial, men, women, and children of the NEFL area will be known. She began volunteering for JASMYN and NFAN through her LGBTQ Employee Network, where she has worked for 35 years. Julia’s core belief arises from living as the seventh of nine siblings and centers on humility, leading by example, investing in others, and showing respect for people from all walks of life while balancing a deeply held appreciation for where she is today. Her deep belief is that there is always someone less fortunate.

Mason Manion

Mason earned an Associate in Arts degree and served as an Assistant Music Director for Avondale United Methodist Church. He also serves as a Location Manager for Corey Kerlin Funeral Home.

Mason’s passion is in music and songwriting. He believes it is vital to remember those whose lives were lost to HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.

Mason’s work is demonstrative of someone who knows that to move forward after the AIDS crisis, we must understand the history.  Enduring a loss is one thing, but another when loved ones, friends, family, and community members cannot openly share their grief.

Mason states, “They deserve to be remembered.”

Sunny Gettinger

Sunny has been a resident of Jacksonville since 2009 and Vice Chair of the Early Learning Coalition of Duval. She serves on the board of the Jewish Community Alliance.

Sunny is a member of the 904ward and past chair of Riverside Avondale Preservation’s board.

In 2000, Sunny began a career working on Al Gore’s presidential campaign, then serving as Director of Press Advance for General Wesley Clark’s White House run in 2004. Between these years, she served as the Publicity and Publications Manager for the California Shakespeare Theater in the Bay Area. In 2019, she ran for City Council in District 14. Sunny is a mom to two boys, Cort and Max, with her husband, Trey Csar.

She is deeply committed to helping our neighborhood grow and develop in meaningful ways, respecting the neighborhood’s history, and honoring the community.

Sunny was a former National AIDS/HIV hotline volunteer living in the Bay Area. HIV/AIDS is close to Sunny’s heart. She lost several of her close friends to AIDS-related illnesses.

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams is a Jacksonville native. At an early age, he experienced a loved one and many friends who died from HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. AMP was his opportunity to be a part of honoring their life, their fight, and their legacy. Aaron is honored to be a part of an organization that does the work and not just talks about it.Aaron is married to his wife Kamala Williams and has two Dachshunds, Grace and Mercy. Aaron has been pastoring for ten years and is an activist in his own right. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management and a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership.