Board of Directors

Our mission is to establish, create and maintain a living memorial to the Northeast Florida citizend who lost their lives due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses, and to inspire the many currently living with that diagnosis.

Richard A. Cericello | President

Richard is the founder of the AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida, serving as president of the Board of Directors since inception. As a long-time civil rights and liberties activist since his teen years, he has witnessed the growth of the LGBTQ equal rights movement as well as the emergence of HIV/AIDS and the absolute devastation it has created. By forming AMP, Richard has made it his personal mission to memorialize and honor the lives lost to AIDS-related diseases, including dozens of his close friends.

Richard began his 40-year career in 1976 as a speech and language pathologist at The Speech and Hearing Center of Jacksonville. In 1990 he accepted a position with the Clay County, Florida School District, where he worked with students until retiring in 2016.

Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in speech and language pathology from Mercy College as well as a master’s degree from Long Island University. He has also completed a clinical internship at North Shore University Hospital, associated with Cornel University.

An avid art collector, he has amassed a respectable collection over the years. Richard is also an advocate for historic preservation, having restored two historic homes. He is currently the owner and proprietor of the historic 1910 General Store Bed & Breakfast in Jacksonville.

Jeff Fix | Vice President

As a founding member and the current vice president of AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida board of directors, Jeff is passionate about giving back to his community—and has been for over 20 years. Prior to becoming involved with AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida, he served on the board for the North Florida AIDS Network from 1999 to 2004. He was also an integral part of Equality Florida’s Jacksonville Steering Committee for over 6 years, serving as chairman from 2018 to 2020.

Jeff is currently a Group Rooms Manager for Marriott Hotels. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Flagler College, and earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

When Jeff isn’t hard at work fearlessly advocating for Jacksonville’s LGBTQ community, he can be found planning and executing the most amazing dinner parties for his very fortunate close friends.

Santana Hinson | Treasure

Santana is an AMP Boardmember because he feels compelled to continually keep the memories of people who have died from HIV and AIDS disease. As a HIV positive person for 28 years, he wants to continue to keep the Memorial of people who have passed on.

Santana has been on the WADC (Worlds AIDS Day Committee) of Northeast Florida for five years and currently sits as the committees treasure. 

Santana hobbies includes his love for riding roller coasters, going to the movies and eating out. He also feeds the homeless and gives them hope with encouraging words.

Daniel Hutton | Secretary

Dan is passionate about serving on the board for AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida because it makes him feel connected to the many people in Northeast Florida and beyond whose lives were cut short by HIV/AIDS. He believes in AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida mission, particularly the organization’s efforts to install a lasting memorial in Willow Branch Park—ensuring that those lives are never forgotten and will always be honored.

Dan is no stranger to HIV/AIDS awareness and activism as a long-time participant in The Smart Ride. The yearly event, which includes a 167-mile bike ride through the Florida Keys, has raised more than $11 million for AIDS-related service organizations throughout Florida since 2003.

Dan works in medical billing. In his spare time, he also volunteers for the North Florida AIDS Network and is an active member of the Garden Club of Jacksonville.

Austin Browning

Austin is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville. He is extremely excited to be a part of the AIDS Memorial Project whose initiatives will beautify the park and have a place to remember those who has gone / still living with HIV/AIDS for years to come. Austin has worked in several industries but spent most of his career in the nightclub, bar, and entertainment industry. He has long been a champion of LGBTQ+ causes and charities, promoting and assisting with multiple benefits over the years such as Holiday Helpers and Ray-Ray’s Kids which provides toys during the holidays to children who are infected / affected with HIV/AIDS.

Austin currently the Vice President of River City Pride for the past two years and is an active bowler in the First Coast Freedom League. Through bowling, he has helped promote and run the annual Rivercity Open Invitation Tournament (RIOT) that hosts LGBTQ+ bowlers from across the country here in Jacksonville.

Austin currently works for the North Florida AIDS Network (NFAN) as the special events coordinator. He also owns his graphic design company GingeArt, with customers in Jacksonville, South Florida, and beyond. He currently lives with his husband, two fur children and enjoys being a big kid his grandkids.

Wally Ericks

Wally knew immediately that he wanted to be involved with AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida after attending one of the organization’s meetings. Despite coming out later in life and being mostly spared the devastating loss of friends that many have witnessed, he realizes that the terrible scourge of HIV/AIDS touches everyone in the LGBTQ community.

Wally has spent the last 30 years of his career in the telecom industry, first with MCI and later accepting a position with Verizon. He currently works on Verizon’s CSX account. Wally holds a bachelor’s degree in business professional management from Nova University in addition to attending the University of Florida from 1976 to 1980.

Ever since working in a nursery in the 9th grade, Wally has had a passion for plants and loves to exercise his impressive green thumb working on projects in his yard and around his house.

Randy Lessen

Randy Lessen is a lifelong resident of the First Coast. Even though he was originally from Bloomington, Illinois, he came to Northeast Florida when he was four years old. Randy graduated from Middleburg High School and St. John’s River Community College, and in 1996, he met Michael in Ft Myers to moving to Phoenix, Arizona, and later attending and graduating from Arizona State University. It was his time in college, both in Florida and Arizona, he became active in the LGBTQ community.

In 2000, Randy began his teaching career and in 2004, he returned back to Northeast Florida and taught at his former high school. This experience and others led to be a volunteer at JASMYN and later for Pride and River City News, as well as Out Jacksonville. While working at Ribault in 2010, he worked on his doctorate and received the first of his four PFLAG scholarships. In 2013, he was named Best Educator by Folio Weekly. After he began working at Sandalwood High School, he began the Sandalwood GSA and also began working for FSCJ as an on-campus adjunct professor of English. He was named LGBT educator of the year in 2015 and 2019, and Frieda Award recipient from PFLAG of Jacksonville in 2018. He continues to serve as sponsor for the Sandalwood GSA and works to make Sandalwood one of the most welcoming schools in Duval County.

Randy enjoy spending time traveling with his partner Michael of 25 years and taking care of our three cats.

Mason Manion

As a native of Jacksonville, Mason has long had a heart for service within his community. Believing that understanding our history is vital to moving forward, Mason is committed to making Jacksonville a more loving and inclusive society for all through AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida mission to honor Northeast Floridians who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.

A talented singer and songwriter, music has always been Mason’s passion. He is currently serving as the assistant music director for Avondale Methodist Church. In addition, Mason has earned an associate degree and holds a position as the location manager for Corey Kerlin Funeral Home.

When he isn’t captivating his social media followers with impromptu performances on his piano, he spends much of his free time restoring his historic Springfield-area home along with his partner Cody.

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams is a Jacksonville native. At a very young age I experienced a loved one and many friends you die from HIV/AIDS. AMP was my opportunity to be a part of honoring their life, their fight and their legacy. I’m so honored to be a part of an organization that is doing the work and not just talking about it.

Aaron is married to his wife Kamala Williams and have two Dachshunds, Grace and Mercy. Aaron has been pastoring for 10 years and is an activist in his own right. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management and a Masters degree in Transformative Leadership. He works as an Operators Supervisor for Fantatics.

Advisory Board: Manuel Andrade, Wade Davis, James Eddy, Sunny Gettinger, Stephen Jones, Jonathan Joseph, Robert Knox, Mitchell Marcus, Fredia Saraga, Julia Torres

Legal Counsel: Troy Farquhar, Esq.