Archival History


March 07, 2023

Love Grove ♥

We were extremely pleased at the outstanding and moving dedication service on February 14 held at Noon, with the planting of three giant magnolias, the first of 100 flowering trees scheduled to be planted within the park. The plan is being modified with tree placement to accommodate the Parks Department’s request. Our co-sponsor, Greenscape, will continue to work as our intermediary to ensure the successful execution of this project. Currently, completion is anticipated for the fall of 2019, at which time we will once again gather in the park to take note of its beauty and to remember our loved ones.



February 03, 2023

Recognizing the Importance of Upholding Civil Rights

Our President, Richard Ceriello, was pleased to share a letter he sent on behalf of the Board of Directors.

We wish to thank you for being the only city council candidate to express specific support for the civil rights of the LGBT community within the historic district and the entire city. Increasingly we see the governor targeting LGBT families with negative portrayals, which has resulted in an alarming increase in discrimination, threats, and hate crimes.

Furthermore, thank you for highlighting the creation of the regional AIDS Memorial within Willowbranch Park. Northeast Florida experienced over 7,000 deaths from AIDS-related diseases at a time when public and private sentiments were unsympathetic and hostile. It was a particularly difficult time for the families of those men, women, and children whose suffering went unrecognized or was dismissed.

Good luck with your campaign, and may the best candidate win.

I remain, respectfully

Richard A. Ceriello.