AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida is a 501c3 comprised of diverse individuals from Northeast Florida working to create and maintain a living monument dedicated to those in our community infected and affected by HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.

We bear witness to the early passing of these individuals marginalized by society–victims of a political system that, at the time, stigmatized their existence because of a diagnosis.

HIV/AIDS-positive individuals found themselves frequently destitute, homeless, and genuinely dependent on the kindness of friends when family and loved ones abandoned them in a hostile and fearful community. The inequities and lack of preparation of the medical community to truly handle these complex medical conditions from an AIDS diagnosis compounded these issues for those living with this disease.

The legacy and suffering of these people have led us to the present, where HIV is no longer the death sentence previously believed. The AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida was launched to pay homage to these brave and frequently disregarded members of our society through a living memorial that we will create and maintain with support from our community.