AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida


Our Mission

Our mission is to establish, create and maintain a living memorial to the Northeast Florida citizens who lost their lives due to HIV/AIDS-related illnesses and to inspire the many currently living with that diagnosis.

AMP is a non-profit organization (501c3) committed to honoring the legacy and suffering    of those lost to HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

Launched to pay homage to these brave and frequently disregarded members of our society. AMP will create and maintain a living memorial with support from our community  at large.

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AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida (AMP) requests your help.

If you were one of the 300 individuals who attended Jacksonville’s FIRST PRIDE celebration in 1978 at Willowbranch Park, we want to hear your story.

Currently AMP is working with our city government to create a historic marker within the park commemorating that remarkable event. Those in attendance were in great peril that day braving potential physical abuse. They had few allies, no police protection, and absolutely no political or religious support. They faced very real possibilities of loss including jobs, familial connections, military service, child custody, church community, and even a place to live. Upon their broad shoulders, we stand today with Jacksonville's PRIDE celebration being one of the largest in the southeast. Festivities are attended by thousands and thousands of celebrants.

Our Initiatives

Love Grove

Serenity Mural

Centennial Garden

AIDS Memorial


The Pond Basketball Mural



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